TATTOO Printer ATS886

Dimensions: 262 (L) × 57(W) × 29(H) mm

Weight: 498g

Print Resolution: 8 dots / mm (203dpi),1728 dots / line

Print speed: Up to 15mm/s

Print width: 216mm

Media Type: 210mm*297mm A4 thermal paper or 216mm thermal roll paper

Bettery:11.1V Li-ion, 1200mAh(build-in)Bettery Life about 200 documents with 12.5% pattern, about 80 regular images (medium density)

Input voltage: Type-C, 5.0V--2.0A

TPH life: 50km

Interface: type-c-usb data communication, Bluetooth 5.0

User Manual

1、Packing lnstruction
Banded pocket
Tattoo Paper
User Manual and warranty card
2、Operating Instructions
2.1.Paper Feed
2.2.Exception Handling&Daily Cleaning

Push the botton and openthe cover to keep an angle.

3、Key Functions

Power LED: High battery show green; Medium battery showred; Low battery show flashing red

Charging LED: LEDis on when recharging; LED is off when fully charged.

Status LED: LED is off when printeris in a normal state(placed paper, pressed cover down).LED flash red when the printeris in an error stateoutofpaperor cover opened)

Feed button: Short press to feed shortly. Press and hold for3 seconds, feed out A4 paper.

Cover open button: Open cover for cleaning TPH andremoving paperjam.

Power switch: press "_" to power on.Please turn off powerafter use

4、APP print
4.1.App Download
Search"ATS886"in Apple Store or Google play
4.2.APP Operation
① Download andInstall
② Click"search device"ATS886"
③ Select the deviceto be connected
④ Connected
⑤ Tap“pictures/ photos”
⑥ Select the pictures
⑦Setting, then tap“ ”to print
⑧ Printing......
5、PC Print(Windows7/8/10)
5.1.Driver download

Downloadlink:: Click Here

5.2.Driver installation
5.2.1.Connect the Printer machine to PC via USB cable.
5.2.2.Double click“Printerlhstall.exe”
5.2.3.Click “next”.
5.2.4.Select the installation path.
5.2.5.Select“Startup Status Monitoring"and“Port" then click“Install".
5.2.7.Printer name“ Thermal Printer-08".


The warranty and maintenance

The company guarantees that the product can play itssuperior performance under normal use and maintenanceand the company also provides a one-year warranty service.


  • The maintenance of this product should be carried out byprofessionals with certain maintenance experience.
  • Please do not change components without authorization duringmaintenance,Damage to drive board caused by unauthorized maintenance is not within the scope of warranty.


Warranty period: the customers buy the machine from thecompany, have warranty period of one year calculated from thedate of shipment. During the warranty period, the followingconditions will not enjoy free service.

A. The driver board is damaged due to improper operation.

B. The driver board is damaged due to improper operation.

C. The driver board is damaged due to improper operation.

D. Damage caused by natural disasters